Training & Research

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The clinic provides fellowship training opportunities in shoulder surgery.

This training is for orthopedic surgeons who have more than 1 year of working experience after finishing their M.S. Orthopedics.

The Programme is for 6 Months duration.

Interested candidates can contact our secretary at 919959588389

The Clinic also provides training opportunities for Physiotherapists interested in Shoulder Physiotherapy & Sport Physiotherapy.
The clinic performs Arthroscopic key hole surgeries (endoscopic surgeries), shoulder replacement surgeries and other open reconstructive procedures regularly.

Surgical treatment is aimed to provide the best possible functional results.



Dr.Paul Oguga , Nigeria 
Dr.Sandeep Vella , Guntur , Andhra Pradesh 
Dr.Firoz Ahmed , Assam 
Dr.Praveen Kumar , Banglore , Karantaka
Dr.Amit , Hubli , Karnataka 
Dr.Raviteja , Vijayawada , Andhra Pradesh 


Phani Kumar Phani Kumar Samwel Nungu
Dr. Phani Kumar M.S. Ortho Dr. Vamsikiran , M.S.Ortho, Karimnagar Telangana Dr.Samwel Nungu , Orthopedic Surgeon, Republic of Tanzania
Kumardev Kumardev  
Dr. Ramakrishna - M.S. Ortho Guntur A.P. Dr. Kumar Dev - M.S. Ortho Bengalore, Karnataka.


Dr. Natesh Dr. Abhilas Dr. Ramakrishna
Dr. Natesh - M.S. Ortho Hyderabad, Telangana. Dr. Abhilash - M.S. Ortho Karimnagar, Telangana Dr.Arun Kumar, M.S.Ortho, hyderabad , Telangana
Dr. Harinath    
Dr.Harinath, M.S. Ortho, Guntur , AP  


Dr. Srinu Babu Dr. PSB Srinivasulu Dr. Chandra Sekha
Dr. Srinu Babu - M.S. Ortho Kakinada A.P. Dr. PSB Srinivasulu - M.S. Ortho Nellore A.P. Dr. Chandra Sekhar- M.S. Ortho Hosur, Tamilnadu
Dr. Vamsidhar Reddy    
Dr. Vamsidhar Reddy - M.S. Ortho Karimnagar Telangana  


Dr. Abhilesh Dr. Ramanaidu  
Dr. Abhilash - M.S. Ortho Guntur A.P. Dr. Ramanaidu - M.S. Ortho Nellore A.P.