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Shoulder Arthroscopic Surgeon in Hyderabad: Everything you need know

Once you and your Shoulder Arthroscopic Surgeon in Hyderabad have decided to go forward with arthroscopic shoulder surgery in Hyderabad, you are probably swimming in questions. You will be scouting for answers to questions like how much time to take off from work, how to manage post-surgical care, when you can return to work, etc., but before all these questions, the most important research one does is choosing the best Shoulder Arthroscopic Surgeon in Hyderabad. In cities like Hyderabad, there are overwhelming choices, which makes the process overwhelming and stressful. Hence, in this blog, we will help you navigate this world and give you pointers on finding the best shoulder arthroscopic surgeon in Hyderabad. 

Shoulder Arthroscopic Surgeon in Hyderabad: Everything you need know 

Shoulder Arthroscopic Surgeon in Hyderabad must use proven and innovative Technology: Going through shoulder surgery is a big deal, and you would certainly want to see improved results. So one of the top pointers to look at is to see if the Shoulder Arthroscopic Surgeon in Hyderabad is using the latest innovations and has a track record of using these methods in their work. With the use of advanced technology, you will get the advantage of less invasive shoulder surgery, which means faster recovery time and lower cost due to less time spent in a hospital. Arthroscopic shoulder surgery uses a tiny incision and microscopic equipment to accomplish what once took large incisions and tools.

Feel Comfortable With Your Shoulder Arthroscopic Surgeon in Hyderabad: Shoulder surgery should significantly improve the quality of your life, so you should feel free to ask your surgeon any questions at any time during the process. It would help if you also felt assured that your surgeon is providing you with straightforward information. Most of us face the stress of going through shoulder arthroscopy surgery, so you do not want the added stress of feeling out of touch with your shoulder surgeon. A good surgeon like Dr.Chandra Sekhar B will put you at ease and help you make the best choice for your specific lifestyle.

Gives you a clear picture of the outcome: When it comes to surgery, the Shoulder Arthroscopic Surgeon in Hyderabad should give you a clear picture of how life would be after the surgery. Before the surgery, you and your shoulder surgeon must be on the same page regarding your expectations. Feel free to ask your surgeon about your realistic expectations for the result.

Shoulder Arthroscopic Surgeon in Hyderabad must be Experienced: For any surgery, the surgeon’s experience is critical. It will be of great comfort if the surgeon has excellent referrals. Know about your expected surgeon’s experience before the big day. If you are interested in discussing arthroscopic shoulder surgery in Hyderabad with Dr. Chandra Sekhar B., please reach out to make an appointment. Our goal at Hyderabad Shoulder Clinic is to help you feel comfortable with the shoulder surgery choice you make and to make you feel confident that you have chosen the right shoulder surgeon in Hyderabad for your needs.

Ask Your Friends, Family, Neighbors, and Co-workers about Shoulder Arthroscopic Surgeons in Hyderabad: The quickest way patients look for a shoulder arthroscopic surgeon in Hyderabad is by searching on the internet for the “best shoulder surgeon near me.” The output list might be huge, and going through the entire list could be tiresome. When it comes to crucial matters like finding a shoulder surgeon instead of relying on the digital world, go the old-fashioned way and ask the people in your life for their recommendations. You can use the internet after gaining first-hand knowledge, experience, and opinions from people you trust, which can help steer your research in the right direction.

Read the Shoulder Arthroscopic Surgeon in Hyderabad Online Reviews: After getting the first recommendations from friends, family, and trusted acquaintances, you can go online and look for reviews and testimonials from that surgeon’s previous patients. When you are reading about a shoulder surgeon in Hyderabad, look for their Google reviews, health reviews, and reviews provided by your local health network, hospital, or health insurer. 

Here, we are presenting Dr.Chandra Sekhar B’s vast body of work as Shoulder Arthroscopic Surgeon in Hyderabad

Dr.Chandra Sekhar B is the Head Of Dept. Of Arthroscopy And Shoulder Replacement. He holds the following degrees from prestigious medical schools:

  • MBBS
  • Fellowship in Shoulder & Elbow Surgery( U.O.chirurgia Dellaspalla, ALSLRN,ITALY)
  • Fellowship in Shoulder & Elbow Surgery (C.G.H.,Singapore)
  • Diploma Shoulder Replacement Surgery (AUSLRN, ITALY)
  • ISAKOS Fellowship in Arthroscopy & Sports Medicine (Ortho-one, Coimbatore, India)
  • Fellowship in Shoulder Surgery( FRANCE)
  • Dr Chandra Sekhar B’s elaborate work started in 2009 and is continuing as below:
  • Consultant Arthroscopy Surgeon – Miot, Chennai 2009
  • Consultant Arthroscopy And Shoulder, Surgeon Sunshine Multispeciality Hospitals 2010-Present

Dr. Chandra Sekhar B’s Expertise:

  • Knee And Shoulder Arthroscopy
  • Shoulder Replacement – Hemi/Total/Reverse
  • The first orthopaedic surgeon in the entire South Indian subcontinent to perform the Arthroscopic Latarjet procedure. This surgery is considered to be a highly advanced treatment for shoulder dislocation. Currently, only a handful of surgeons perform this surgery worldwide.
  • Credited with doing the first Arthroscopic AC joint (collar bone joint) reconstruction in both states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. In this procedure, muscle tissue taken from the patient’s leg is used to repair the collarbone joint with a keyhole endoscopic surgery.
  • The surgeon was the first in both states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh to perform Arthroscopic Superior Capsular reconstruction. In this procedure, tissue from the patient’s thigh is taken to repair the badly damaged rotator cuff muscles of the shoulder by endoscopic surgery.
  • Performed Live surgery during the National Conference Shoulder workshop of the Indian Orthopedic Association 2015 at Jaipur, Rajasthan. Dr. Chandrasekhar is credited with doing the first Reverse Shoulder Replacement Surgery in the State of Andhra Pradesh.
  • Dr. Chandrasekhar is credited with doing the first Arthroscopic Fixation Acromioclavicular Joint (Collar Bone Joint) in the combined state of Andhra Pradesh.
  • Dr. Chandrasekhar was honored to be named the organizing Chairman for the workshop on Shoulder Arthroscopy at the National Conference 2014 of the Indian Orthopedic Association.
  • Invited by the Govt. Djibouti, Africa, will provide treatment to their patients in 2014.

The list goes on…..

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