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Shoulder Pain in Summer

Shoulder Pain in Summer

When the weather warms up, people begin to think about getting outside and playing. Activities like swimming, cricket, tennis, or golf can put a high strain on your shoulders. Your shoulders are complex and flexible joints in your body. You can position your arm in various directions using the shoulder. Its extreme flexibility makes it highly prone to injury and overuse.

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If you haven’t worked out during the winter, gradually get back on track. The key to improving your fitness is to start slow and increase the pace of your exercise, time, frequency, and intensity slowly.

Your activity level should be increased gradually over a few weeks. Always warm up your muscles before finishing your exercises with a cool-down stretch.  

Experiencing shoulder pain is quite a common complaint during springtime, especially among people who play specific games like golf, tennis, cricket, and volleyball. Rotator cuff muscles damage and osteoarthritis are two of the most common problems in summer that causes shoulder pain.

Pain in the shoulder can most commonly be caused by rotator cuff damage, a group of muscles and tendons that allow movement, says Dr Chandra Sekhar. Throwing any object or swinging a bat or racket can place heavy stress on your rotator cuffs while the arm and shoulder are producing the required motion for the activity or when the arm and shoulder are stopping the motion.

Preventing the injury is the key.

One of the simplest methods to avoid injury is to avoid going from no activity to participating in activities every day. This frequently results in injury. If you prefer playing any specific game, instead of simply playing every day, focus on flexibility and strength relevant to the sport. If you’re not sure how to do it, take experts’ advice, look for fitness regimens on the internet, or contact the instructors at your gym for help.

Another way to maintain healthy shoulders is to improve your strength and flexibility simultaneously. Before having any type of injury, including exercises for your deltoid muscle and your shoulder blade’s rotator cuff and muscles. Many people do not realize it, but the shoulder blade muscles are essential in shoulder function. Keeping them strong and flexible and maintaining a good posture – keep your shoulders back and away from a rounded position – will assist in keeping you pain-free.

Focusing on strength and flexibility is another approach to keeping your shoulders in good shape. Include workouts not just for the flexor muscles but also for the rotator cuff and shoulder blade muscles to prevent injury. Many people are unaware that the shoulder blade muscles play a critical role in shoulder function. Maintaining proper posture – keeping your shoulders away from certain positions – and keeping them fit, strong, and agile will help you avoid pain.

What should you do if you are injured?

The shoulder is prone to a wide range of issues. If you suffer a traumatic incident, such as a dislocation, fracture, etc., you should always get your shoulder evaluated by an orthopaedic surgeon. If the shoulder pain comes on gradually, maybe due to overuse, there are certain measures you can take before going to the doctor.

It is never advisable to force yourself to go through pain. Take a break if your shoulder is sore or if you are experiencing any difficulty with your activity. Taking rest, strength training, and using anti-inflammatory medication if necessary if doctors allow it is the key to recovering fastly.

Sometimes, you can get back on track by performing some stretches followed by strengthening exercises. If your shoulder pain doesn’t subside even after two weeks of conservative treatment, consult a shoulder specialist immediately. 

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