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Shoulder Dislocation in children: What Every Parent Should Know?

Is your child suffering from a dislocated shoulder? So here is a glimpse of what every parent should know about the Dislocated shoulder in children.

If your child was a young athlete then this is the time to learn about all possibilities of dislocation of the shoulder, first aid treatments and the doctor’s medical advice. Dr Chandrasekhar is the best Orthopedician Surgeon in Hyderabad.

Meaning of Dislocated Shoulder:

Shoulder Dislocation in children: What Every Parent Should Know?

It is a situation in which ball (humeral head or the upper arm bone) comes out from the socket. Normally, In the human body, most bone dislocations will happen in Shoulder part only. This mainly occurs when children playing sports like football, basketball, Judo, karate, hockey, weightlifting etc. This may also occur when they fall from certain heights.

The ligament of supporting joint or muscles may get tears or stretches whenever the bone is dislocated from its place. Mostly 95% of ball dislocations occur in the front end of the socket. Only 5% dislocations occur in remaining directions.

Signs that Indicates a Dislocated shoulder in Children:

If your child was fallen on his/her shoulders then, they experience immense pain. In order to check whether the shoulder bone dislocated or not, check for these symptoms.

  • Check for Shoulder Edema(swelling)
  • Check for injuries or any discolour in affected area
  • Check for any Redness on and near Incision
  • Check for any distortions or any imperfections
  • Check for exact pain location
  • Check for any discomfort while moving the arm or shoulder
  • Check for any insensibility is there or not.
  • Check for any cramps in muscle area around the incision.

If any of the following signs are observed in your child he/she definitely in need of medical treatment as soon as possible. Never try to relocate the bone by yourself. It may lead to extra damage to the remaining tiny tissues.

How to do First-aid For a Child with Dislocated Shoulder:

Shoulder Dislocation in children: What Every Parent Should Know?

Whenever you see a child with Dislocated Shoulder, first you have to apply ice in the affected area. It may help in reducing the swelling and pain. Its significant to move the shoulder and arm as little as he/she can. A sling is most helpful in this type of situations. Once the arm gets stabilized , consult an orthopedician as soon as possible.

Treatment for Dislocated Shoulder in Children:

Shoulder Dislocation in children: What Every Parent Should Know?

Once you reach the hospital the orthopedic surgeon will do some medical tests like X-ray to check whether any one of the bones got broken, then the surgeon will do a process called reduction. In this process, the doctor will move the dislocated bone to its exact location. The pain caused by the bone dislocation will reduce immediately with this process.

When the bone back to its normal position then it will be made inactive in order to heal it properly with the help of a sling. Then the doctor will suggest to take rest for some weeks.

After Discharge from the hospital:

Regular visit to orthopedician is necessary after the dislocation is corrected. The surgeon will decide how much time you have to take rest and if the incision is healed perfectly or not. If not healed the surgeon will recommend for surgery.

The time duration for immobilized shoulder depends on the age, severity etc. Basically Children at smaller age have longer immobilization. After complete healing then the doctor suggests for physiotherapy.

This process gives some movement in healed bone and the muscles around it. Once the shoulder has recovered and gained normal strength and motion and he/she may be allowed to do all regular activities.

When to call your doctor ?

  • If he/she has unbearable pain which is not controlled by the casual painkillers.
  • If he/ she have any new rashes around the incision after the surgery.
  • Observe for the Swell and redness
  • If he /she has a fever at higher limit.
  • If he/ she have vomiting sensation or dizziness.

Dislocation shoulder gives immense pain to people when it comes to children it was more severe and complicated.Having a child with a dislocated shoulder was a distressing situation for their parents.Sometimes, most of these situations can be treated without the need for a surgery. There are more chances to reoccur this shoulder dislocation for the children who are too young and too much active.

Repeated dislocations of the shoulder or multiple fractures may lead to chronic situations. In that situation he or she may require best medical support. Dr Chandrasekhar is the best orthopedic surgeon in Hyderabad, Here you will get the best and perfect solution for all orthopedic problems for all aged people.

If your child is suffering from a dislocated shoulder or have any other orthopedic problems please call the best orthopaedician in Hyderabad Dr. Chandrasekhar right Now. Call at 9959588389 and book your appointment right now.

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