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Shoulder Dislocation Questions and Answers

Have questions related to how shoulder dislocation happens, precautions, surgical and non-surgical treatment options, recovery time, etc. Well, we have a few common questions regards to shoulder dislocation answered for you.

Shoulder Dislocation Questions and Answers

What is Dislocated shoulder?

A shoulder dislocation occurs when the head of the humerus upper arm bone comes out of the shallow shoulder socket of the scapula called the glenoid. This can happen when a strong force pulls the shoulder upward or outward, or from an extreme external rotation of the humerus.

Shoulder Dislocation Questions and Answers

Suggest treatment for a dislocated shoulder?

Usually the treatment goes in following lines: rest, lifestyle modifications (namely- avoiding pillow while sleeping, following a healthy diet plan, maintaining suitable posture while working on computer/driving, avoiding any activity that strikes neck discomfort, medications prescribed by doctor and most important physiotherapy ( in form of neck exercises along with local ultrasonics).

Why my shoulder gets dislocated now and then?

If you have recurrent dislocation of the shoulder which requires thorough evaluation, including clinical evaluation, like X-ray views, and MRA before deciding what sought of treatment is needed. Surgical treatment is the only treatment which can offer you a permanent solution to the problem. Religiously followed physiotherapy protocol postsurgically helps you to return to a healthy normal life.

What is the recovery period after a dislocated shoulder?

I would suggest that after two weeks, the patient should consider to take off the sling or shoulder immobilizer (if he has), to prevent frozen shoulder (this happens after we don’t move the shoulder for a long time) and to start doing physiotherapy.

For full use of shoulder joint, it still needs 12 -16 weeks, but this does not mean that he cannot move the arm (on the contrary he needs physical activity), he should avoid heavy weight lifting or do sports during this time.

Use topical Anti-inflammatories (painkiller) or oral medications, warm compresses.
I would recommend going to the treating doctor for a follow up of the shoulder (physical examinations) and for some time physiotherapy is very important.

Should you need surgery for a dislocated shoulder?

If you have an unstable shoulder causing frequent dislocations, you need an MRI of shoulder to see the defect. Depending upon this surgery will be decided. The orthopaedic surgeon will advise you if surgery required.

Shoulder Dislocation Questions and Answers

While a dislocated shoulder is healing after surgery, is it normal to experience pain?

All I want to say that it will remain painful for many months. The pain will gradually reduce. Now its treatment is analgesic for pain relief, and mobilization exercises to increase range of motion. Vitamin B and C will help in healing.

What causes persistent extreme pain post-treatment for a dislocated shoulder?

Regarding persistent pain after treatment with dislocation of your shoulder, it is due to the followings: Myositis, Tendonitis, Synovitis, Arthritis, Malunion of the bones, Fibrosed joint and Infection.

What are the chances of dislocating your shoulder again?

The chance of you dislocating your shoulder again is related to your age. Young people have a very high rate of re-dislocating their shoulder, 90% or higher. When you are becoming older there is less chance for re-dislocating.

How painful is a dislocated shoulder?

Shoulder Dislocation Questions and Answers

Dislocated shoulders are always very painful and need to treat right away. A doctor will move the joint bone into the socket at that time, there will be pain and inflammation, but sooner the pain will decrease gradually.

What is the common type of shoulder dislocation?

Anterior dislocation is the most common type. In young people it causes due to sports in old it is due to fall on an outstretched arm.

What can be done to prevent shoulder dislocation?

Avoiding sports, maintaining good strengths of your muscle, and regular exercise may help reduce the likelihood of dislocation.

Can you partially dislocate a shoulder?

Yes, if the head of the humerus bone is partially dislocated from the socket, meaning part of the humerus comes out of the ball and socket joint and the other part still fixated in the joint, then it causes partially dislocated (subluxation).

How should I sleep with a dislocated shoulder?

Sleeping on your affected shoulder can be very painful after a dislocation. Keep a pillow under the armpit to the affected shoulder joint and sleep on your back or the opposite side. You should wear your sling in bed at night until advised by your doctor.

Shoulder Dislocation Questions and Answers

When should you stop wearing a sling after dislocating your shoulder?

There is no benefit of sling immobilization for longer than one week. The external rotation immobilisers are not beneficial to reduce the risk of future shoulder dislocation.

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