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Shoulder replacement surgery Cost in Hyderabad?

One of the most versatile joints in the body is the shoulder. Not only does it do a wide range of movements, but it also helps in heavy lifting. Shoulder joints could be overused in sports, heavy-weight lifting, construction workers etc. The main benefits of total shoulder replacement surgery are that it relieves shoulder pain and improves shoulder motion. It helps the patient return to normal daily activities and lead an active lifestyle. For over 15 years, shoulder replacement has advanced significantly, and surgeons have been able to relieve shoulder pain and restore normal shoulder anatomy. 

Shoulder replacement surgery removes damaged areas of the shoulder and replaces those parts with artificial parts. The procedure is performed to alleviate discomfort and increase mobility. If you have severe arthritis or a fracture in your shoulder joint, you may require a shoulder replacement. Shoulder joint replacement surgery is considered in cases where non-surgical therapy, such as drugs and activity adjustments, are no longer effective in reducing discomfort.

When is a Shoulder replacement procedure done?

The shoulder replacement procedure is done in various forms depending on the type of joint damage. The doctors make a judgement call, and your doctor may recommend one of the following shoulder replacement options:

Anatomic total shoulder replacement: The ball and the socket are replaced in total shoulder replacement. The artificial implants are close to the natural shape of the bones.

Reverse total shoulder replacement: In this type of surgery, the ball and the socket are replaced. But the position of the implants is reversed to their natural position. The ball and socket are placed so that the ball is attached to the shoulder blade, and the socket is attached to the upper arm bone. This type of surgery is performed when the patient experiences severe damage to the rotator cuff.

Partial shoulder replacement: The joint’s head (ball) is replaced when the damage is restricted to the ball. 

Cost Of Shoulder Replacement in Hyderabad

Shoulder replacement cost is based on several factors, such as: 

  • The city of the surgery plays a significant role in determining the cost of Shoulder Replacement. 
  • The hospital one chooses also plays a role, along with what facilities the patient wants. 
  • The complexity of the surgery and the types of surgery chosen.
  • Experience of the surgeon.
  • The cost of implants.
  • The complications involved.
  • Age of the patient.
  • Transportation costs also matter if the hospital is far from the patient’s home.

The average cost of Shoulder Replacement ranges between Rs 4,00,000 and the maximum of Rs 5,00,000.

Basics of Shoulder Replacement Surgery

The surgeon will prescribe a comprehensive physical examination to evaluate your fitness for the surgery. Certain blood thinning medications must be stopped a few weeks before the surgery since they may cause severe bleeding. Patients should not eat or drink anything after midnight on the night before their procedure. If any medication should be taken, it should be informed in advance to the surgeon, and only after their approval, the medications should be taken. The procedure is around two hours long, and one can expect to be in the hospital for two or three days afterwards.

General or regional anaesthesia is administered before the Shoulder replacement surgery. 

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