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What Are Shoulder Dislocation Treatment Options?

Shoulder dislocation is one of the most common shoulder injuries, especially among young athletes and contact sports personnel. The shoulder is connected to the hand via a ball and socket joint; the anatomy of the shoulder gives extraordinary flexibility. This makes the arms movable in various directions, but it also means that the arm is not very stable.

The shoulder dislocation occurs when the arm is abducted and turned outward in a position like throwing a baseball. Although some people put it back into the joint, many others, have to go for dislocated shoulder treatment in the emergency room. The dislocated shoulder takes between 12 and 16 weeks to heal.

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What is Shoulder Dislocation?

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A dislocated shoulder occurs when the shoulder ball comes out of the shoulder socket. The socket bone is quite flat, which allows it for mobility. With a shallow frame, the shoulders need additional support to hold the ball and the socket together. The stability of the shoulder joint depends on the structure of the surrounding soft tissue (labrum, ligaments, tendons, and muscles). When a shoulder dislocation occurs, the surrounding soft tissue is injured or damaged.

Shoulder dislocation episodes can be categorized as partial or complete, depending on whether the ball is partially or entirely out of the socket. A partial dislocation is called a subluxation.

What Causes Shoulder dislocation?

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  • Sports injuries
  • Trauma, like a blow on the shoulder
  • Fall on your shoulders or outstretched arms
  • Convulsions
  • Electric shock

Other risk factors are:

  • Repeated sports activities such as swimming, baseball, and tennis
  • Being “double-jointed” or “loosely connected joint.”

What are the symptoms of a shoulder dislocation?

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  • Visible deformation – the shoulder looks out of place
  • Severe pain
  • No movement of the shoulder joint
  • Swelling or bruising
  • Weakness
  • Numbness or tingling near the shoulder or arm

Do patients need immediate medical treatment for shoulder dislocation?

Yes, if you dislocate your shoulder, you should immediately see a doctor. An X-Ray can be useful for confirming the diagnosis and examining fractures.

Best Shoulder Dislocation Treatment In Hyderabad:

If there is no damage to the ligaments or other soft tissue during the first shoulder dislocation, your doctor may recommend ice, immobilization, and anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve pain and swelling. After the pain and swelling go away, doctors work with rehabilitation specialists to restore muscle strength, increase flexibility, and ensure full freedom of movement.

The time needed to recover fully from the severity of the injury, but most people recover in a few weeks or months. Dr Chandra Sekhar. B, being Shoulder surgeon performs joint dislocation treatment called closed reduction to reconnect the joint in a hospital.


Closed reduction or Repositioning:

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Most people with shoulder joint dislocation treatment, seek immediate treatment in the emergency room, where doctors can reinsert the ball of the arm or humerus without surgery. Using a closed reduction procedure, doctors use local anaesthesia to relieve pain and then manually place the ball into the socket joint. In general, the aim is to manipulate the joint so that the ball can sit back into position without further damage to the shoulder joint.

After the dislocation is reassembled, repeated x-rays are taken to ensure that it is really in the correct position and to prevent other injuries, such as fractures. After the shoulder is repositioned or reduced, the pain immediately subsides. A closed reduction is performed for about 30 minutes, and you can return home within an hour.

Patients are placed in a sling to rest their shoulders and or further treatment (if required) referred to as the best treatment for dislocated shoulders at orthopaedic surgeons.

If the shoulder repeats, the soft tissue that stabilizes the joint may no longer hold the ball in the socket. Diagnostic tests such as MRI scanning can confirm this. In this case, the doctor may consider surgery to tighten or repair a torn or stretched ligament that holds the joint in place.

Immobilization in external rotation:

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Immobilization in external rotation is complicated and difficult. The external rotation brace must be configured correctly, the upper arm must be held firmly to the side, and the forearm must point away from the body.

Shoulder joint dislocation treatment, where the shoulder In is kept in external rotation. If the shoulder is held in external rotation, the torn ligament is brought to a more normal position and can heal if it is aligned correctly. The idea behind immobilization in external rotation is that if the ligament heals in the correct position, the likelihood of shoulder displacement may be less.
Many patients (and some doctors) confuse the abduction immobilizer with an external rotating immobilizer. They are not the same, so you may not get nd similar results. Although this treatment is interesting in design, most patients cannot maintain braces, which is why this treatment is rare.


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The shoulder dislocation that put back into place remains swollen and inflamed for several days. Resting shoulders and applying an ice pack reduce inflammation and reduce pain. Using an ice pack to your shoulder three times for 15 to 20 minutes during the first two days can reduce swelling and reduce pain. If the swelling hasn’t subsided, you can continue this icing routine for a day or two.


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The best treatment for a dislocated shoulder is to place the patient in a sling so that the swelling and inflammation around the shoulder can subside. Progressive exercise then begins until the patient can resume normal activities. No research shows that using a sling is the best for a specified period.

The sling used to treat most of the shoulder dislocation holds the shoulder in internal rotation. The shoulders are turned inward, and the arms are attached to the body. When the shoulder is held in internal rotation, the ligament is torn (bankart tear type). When the ligament heals, it tends to heal in this wrong position. In some patients, especially younger athletes, healing ligaments in this position can cause a repeated shoulder dislocation.

Doctors recommend using slings or orthoses to immobilize the affected arm and shoulder for four to six weeks so that the muscles and other soft tissues can rest and heal.

Pain-relieving Medications:

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Dislocated shoulders can cause dull and aching pain. Soft tissue inflammation around the injury causes some of these symptoms. Doctors can recommend nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to ease inflammation and relieve pain.

Side effects from NSAIDs can cause stomach pain or ulcers, and doctors do not recommend long-term use.


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Physiotherapy can help injured people regain strength and flexibility after dislocation of the shoulder. When dislocations occur, injuries can cause a tendency to repeated dislocations. This therapy strengthens the muscles that hold the shoulder in place to compensate for ligaments damaged by dislocation injuries.

A physiotherapist who specializes in working with people with shoulder injuries makes a recovery plan based on your daily schedule, type of injury, and physical goals.

Doctors recommend physical therapy four to six weeks as part of a shoulder dislocation care plan. However, recovery time depends on a person’s age, general health, whether the shoulder was previously injured, and the severity of the sprain.

Physiotherapy can also increase flexibility and restore freedom of movement. Adding these simple exercises to your daily routine will facilitate hand movements and relieve pain. Strengthening shoulder muscles can also help prevent shoulder dislocations in the future. Our physiotherapist also offers massage therapy, heat, and ice therapy to improve your general well-being during recovery.


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Shoulder dislocation treatment is for patients with recurrent or repeated shoulder dislocation. Surgery after the first shoulder dislocation is for patients (only if Nonsurgical treatment fails). Surgery is more often considered the first treatment, especially for young athletes who practise contact sports. Because these athletes have such significant displacement changes, surgery is often the first-line treatment.

Operations are carried out to repair structures that generally hold the shoulder in place. The most common damage affects the ligaments in the front of the shoulder joint. This operation to repair connections is called bankart type repair.


Accidents and injuries occur, and shoulder dislocation is the most common injury. After the initial dislocation, the risk of recurrent dislocation can be reduced by following a physiotherapy treatment plan to strengthen and stabilize the shoulder. Wear a sling for a reasonable period, participate in a rehabilitation program, and maintain shoulder muscles.
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