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What Are The Things That I Should Avoid After Shoulder Surgery?

The pain and movement are associated during  the recovery from shoulder surgery. Recovery depends on many factors, including the type of surgery, complications, doctor’s instructions, the sequence of rehabilitation and physiotherapy exercises, etc. Whether you are having minimally invasive rotator cuff surgery or shoulder manipulation, recovery from shoulder surgery takes time.

Any surgery, even the so-called “minimally invasive” – ​​is a big deal. The process itself can take a few hours or less, but the recovery process can take weeks or months. When preparing for future shoulder surgery, consider what you may need not do during your recovery period.

Your doctor and physical therapist will guide you through the different phases and what activities you should do and when. It is essential to take various precautions after shoulder surgery. If they don’t take precautions, the recovery time will be longer. If you’ve recently had shoulder replacement surgery and want to know what you can’t do after surgery, this article is for you provided by Dr Chandra Sekhar. B.  

Here are some shoulder surgery recovery tips that should be avoided after shoulder surgery so that you can recover as quickly as possible. 

Things that you should avoid After Shoulder Surgery
Top Things You Should Know About Shoulder Dislocation by Dr. Chandra Shekar B, One of the best Shoulder replacement specialists in Hyderabad

Don’t Take off your sling or immobilizer early.

It may be tempting to let go of the sling for faster freedom, but you don’t move your entire arm until the surgeon explains this. You run the risk of  proper healing, which could cause pain, discomfort, or even long-term problems at a later stage of recovery. Your surgeon and physical therapist will allow you to release the sling for specific safe exercises.

Don’t Skip physiotherapy:
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Sometimes you feel like exercising at home instead of exercising at the hospital. While this may be fine once or twice, your physical therapist and doctor should work together to understand the intricacies of your recovery and tailor your treatment. Skipping it destroys that communication and can slow your progress.

Avoid certain shoulder positions and arm movements.

During the recovery process, it is essential to avoid movements that could interfere with your treatment. These actions usually include:

  • Lifting objects
  • Put the weight on your shoulder or arm
  • Reach behind your body
  • Raise your arms above your head
  • Get rid of your hand

It’s also essential to avoid certain positions when you sleep that put pressure on your shoulders, such as sitting in a chair. Lie on your back or side that hurts.

Don’t lift objects with your surgical hand.

Allowing your shoulders to bear the weight is usually done at week 12. However, it’s best to limit yourself to strength training so that your shoulders can gradually adjust rather than trying to lift your shoulders a little and risk your shoulders getting distributed.

You must not engage in activities that require lifting something. With the shoulder operated on, a person cannot do this activity at all. You should be conscious of the first six weeks after surgery. You should be aware that you are not lifting anything with the operative arm, which could cause the sprain again.

Don’t push or pull after shoulder surgery.
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With shoulder surgery, one must understand that one does not engage in activities that involve pushing and pulling. If you are a fitness lover and do activities that require a lot of shoulder work, you should stop immediately. The person should be aware of the operated shoulder for nearly six weeks.

Don’t drive:

You have to stop driving for almost two months. Driving after surgery and not taking precautions can cause persistent pain. And then it can dislocate. If you don’t want to face the same problem, hire someone who can drive the car for you.

Don’t sleep on the same shoulder:
Best Sleep Solutions for Shoulder Pain by Dr. Chandra Shekar B, One of the best Orthopedic shoulder dislocated surgeon in Hyderabad

Don’t sleep on the operated shoulder. Shoulder surgeons recommend sleeping positions so that there are no problems. Resting on the same shoulder creates constant pain and prolongs the recovery period.

Don’t rush your recovery.

No matter how good you feel, it’s essential to listen to your doctor and follow his recommendations after rotator cuff surgery. Even if you experience little or no pain, activities that put stress on your shoulder can significantly increase your risk of re-injury. Resuming physical activity before your shoulder has healed also increases the likelihood of stressing other parts of your body, such as your elbows or spine.

Don’t smoke:
Get advice to stop smoking after shoulder surgery by Dr. Chandra Shekar B, One of the best shoulder dislocation surgery specialists in Hyderabad

Anytime you need surgery, you must stop smoking. This is very important in shoulder surgery. Nicotine, an addictive substance in tobacco products, slows down the natural healing power of your bones and tissues. This delay not only decreases your recovery but also increases the risk of infection. Quitting smoking before surgery will help you heal faster, eliminate threats, and reduce common complications from shoulder surgery such as the frozen shoulder.


Perhaps the most important thing you can do to speed up your recovery from shoulder surgery is to follow your doctor’s instructions. If your doctor limits certain activities, don’t do them. If asked to take any medicine, take it. If you have lab work that needs to be done, do it on time. And don’t forget to keep all doctor’s appointments after surgery, even if you feel well.

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