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Why does my shoulder hurt when it rains

Daily weather affects us all in many different ways, especially factors such as temperature, humidity, and precipitation rate that significantly impact our body pain. Many people practically experience increased shoulder pain during the rainy season. There are various reasons, such as weight, anatomical issues, and the person’s emotional state. It is a common complaint that your body aches more during colder seasons, which means that weather has a significant impact on a person’s health. Old injuries do ache during cold or rainy days, and even medical professionals raise concerns that more individuals feel their shoulders aching during rainy days. In this blog, we will discuss what you can do to keep your symptoms in check when it starts raining again.

Why does my shoulder hurt when it rains?

Decreased barometric pressure: The most universally accepted reason is the decreased barometric pressure during rainy days that worsens the pain. Barometric pressure means the weight of air, which is lower during rainy days and increases during sunny days. The reduced barometric pressure thickens the joint fluids, which increases their pain. Significant impact is on the spine, which in turn affects the back, shoulders, and other surrounding body parts. 

Joint stiffening: Thickening of the joint fluid means stiff joints. Stiff joints are a major cause of increased pain.

Reduced Blood Flow: Rainy season also means reduced temperatures. When the temperatures drop, the blood flow is reduced. In some places, people also experience frostbite dues to reduced blood flow. Lack of proper blood supply to the joints also increases the pain.

Reduced activity levels: Rainy days are cosy days, and when the weather is good outside, one likes to bundle up. This increases joint stiffness too and shoulder pain.

No workouts: When it is raining outside, it may not be possible to do outdoor work out like walking, jogging etc. During rain, reaching the fitness centre like the gym, yoga centre or swimming pool might be difficult. Lack of workout to the shoulder also increases the pain.

Infections: Rainy season also brings with it viral fevers and the flu. It means there is an infection in the body. With this comes fever, cold and body pains. So the existing paints, such as shoulder pain, increases.

No motivation: One of the best ways to come back shoulder pain is regular physiotherapy and exercise. A gloomy, cloudy weather outside does not motivate one to practice their regular workout at home. So this also increases the shoulder stiffness and thus enhances the pain.

How to prevent increased shoulder pain during the rainy season?

We have clearly understood the reasons for increased shoulder pain in the rainy season. Weather is certainly not under our control, but it does not mean one has to suffer from shoulder pain. Beat any season the body requires its workout, medication and physical activities. Compared to Spring and summer, one has to motivate themselves more to keep up with their routine. If rains are preventing you from reaching your fitness Centre, try to arrange for online classes or find an alternate workout mechanism. Rain can also prevent you from getting regular checkups done. In those cases, talk to your medical professional to arrange alternate consultation methods. 

Some of the below-recommended tips are good to follow regularly:

  • Watch Your Diet 
  • Drink Water Frequently  
  • Stay Warm 
  • Go Outside Regularly 
  • Find more time to exercise
  • Dont be idle and explore a New Hobby 
  • Keep a Humidifier inside the house.
  • Maintain a positive attitude 

The effect of weather on the human body is widely debated full stop. Still, one can certainly understand that lack of exercise or a nutritious diet can affect a person’s shoulder help in any season. So it’s best to stay proactive and prevent it from affecting you. People of all age groups enjoy the rain. When it is raining outside, everybody becomes a child and wants to play in the rain. By following the above-mentioned tips, you can enjoy the rain irrespective of your shoulder pain. 

We at Hyderabad shoulder clinic educate our patients about seasonal care for their shoulder problems. Since prevention is better than cure, please do not wait for your shoulder pain to worsen in the rainy season. Please visit our website or contact us at +91 9959588389, to know more.

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