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How Long Does It Take To Recover From A Shoulder Fracture?

The shoulder is made up of a group of bones that work together to make the shoulder and arm function. The shoulders are the complex joints that connect the arms to the body. It includes the humerus (upper arm bone), shoulder blade (scapula), and the collarbone (clavicle) and has the glenohumeral joint (ball and socket joints), acromioclavicular joint, and sternoclavicular joint.

A fracture in the shoulder can severely affect your mobility and cause severe pain. Shoulder fractures result from trauma or injury to the shoulder from a fall, sports injury, car accident, or direct impact to the shoulder. shoulder fractures can be very painful and may require surgery and medical attention. When you break your shoulder, it hurts. Therefore, immediately talk to your doctor and get treatment.

Hyderabad shoulder clinic surgeon Dr Chandra Skehar. B treats all types of shoulder fractures using the latest diagnostic techniques and treatments that will provide the best results. The goal of therapy is to restore movement and function to the arms and shoulders. Physiotherapy and controlled exercises tailored to your needs are essential to optimize recovery. 

Let us see this article to know more information about shoulder fractures and How long it takes to recover from a broken shoulder.
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What is a Shoulder fracture?

A shoulder fracture is a broken bone in any part of the shoulder. These can range from thin cracks to complete cracks. 

Types of shoulder fractures:

A shoulder fracture can be:

  • Non displaced: If the fractured segments of bone remain in place.
  • Displaced: if the bone fragment breaks and the fragment is removed from its position. A displaced fracture may require surgery to realign the bone to heal in the correct position.

Most shoulder fractures are treated successfully without surgery. Non-surgical treatment is an option if the bones are not displaced, which means that the bones remain in the correct anatomical position.

Types of shoulder fractures include:

  • Clavicle Fracture: Fracture of the clavicle which is known as the collarbone, is a long, thin bone that is at the base of the neck.
  • Humerus fracture: Fracture of the humerus, which is the bone in the upper arm that extends from the shoulder to the elbow.
  • Scapular Fracture: The scapula is a flat triangular bone in the upper back. Glenoid is part of the shoulder blades. These fractures are associated with falls or motor vehicle collisions and can cause shoulder dislocation or instability.

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Contact Dr Chandra Sekhar. B If you have any of the following symptoms, to find out if you have a broken shoulder and experience the below symptoms:

  • Shoulder pain
  • Swelling or bruising on the shoulder
  • Tenderness, pain to the touch, redness
  • Your shoulder feels like it’s slipping out of place (shoulder instability)
  • Your shoulders look deformed or out of place

Diagnosis of a fracture in the shoulder

To diagnose a shoulder fracture, the orthopaedic surgeon will order advanced imaging tests to determine the exact location of the fracture and the severity of your condition. We offer the latest advances in imaging tests and diagnostic tools to assess shoulder fractures, including:

  • X-rays
  • CT scan
  • MRI
  • Ultrasound of the musculoskeletal system

Our advanced imaging technology enables Hyderabad shoulder clinic musculoskeletal radiologist to provide an accurate diagnosis to help create the best treatment plan for treating your shoulder fracture.

How to treat a fracture in the shoulder:

Dr Chandra Sekhar. B  is a specialist in treating displaced and non-displaced shoulder fractures using the latest non-surgical and surgical techniques. Some shoulder fractures can be treated with non-surgical methods, while others require more complex surgical treatment to repair. Your treatment plan may require conservative and surgical techniques.

Most of the non-displaced shoulder fractures can be treated with conservative techniques, such as:
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  • Icing 
  • Sling 
  • Oral medication for pain relief
  • Physiotherapy and exercise (started after the bone has begun to heal and under the close supervision of a physical therapist)

Most of the non-displaced fractures require immobilization in a sling until the fracture heals sufficiently to be comfortable and allow movement without the risk of displacing the fracture fragment. X-rays are used to determine if sufficient healing has occurred to enable movement exercise.

It is essential to maintain flexibility in your elbows, wrists, and fingers while resting your shoulders. With your doctor’s guidance, you can move your shoulder until the fracture heals. Moving the arm too early can slow healing, but too little movement causes stiffness.


If the fracture fragments are displaced, surgery may be required to assemble the parts and secure them with wires, pins, plates, or screws. If the ball of the upper arm is broken or bruised, the shoulder may need replacement.

Recovery from a broken shoulder

The healing time will vary depending on the type of fracture you have had. You may need help getting dressed, showering, and eating for five to ten days. Doctors make sure you have enough pain medication to keep you comfortable.

If you have a fracture that doesn’t require surgery, you will need to wear the sling for two to six weeks. Proximal fractures usually take the least time, whereas distal fractures take the longest. 

For severe fractures, you may need to have x-rays every few weeks for several months. Most people can return to their normal activity levels within a few months. Your doctor will examine you and evaluate your x-ray to determine your progress. You return to work earlier for office jobs and later for work-related jobs. Sometimes physical therapy or occupational therapy is needed to restore lost joint movement.

Recovery will largely depend on the severity of the fracture, the nature of the other injuries, and your general health. Recovery may take longer if you have an operation on the bone or nail plate at the same time. Meanwhile, the physiotherapist will create a series of individual exercises to increase shoulder mobility gradually. Follow the instructions, avoid possible injury during recovery, proceed slowly and try not to overdo it.

If you have surgery, you may need to wear a cast, sling, splint, or braces for several weeks. During this time, you will need to consult our doctor regularly so that he can assess how well the fracture is healing.

Age is also a relevant factor it takes longer for bone and tissue to repair in older people. However, on average, recovery from a broken shoulder can take about six weeks.

Exercises to increase the range of motion of the shoulder usually begin about a week after the injury. Delaying physiotherapy for too long can cause a loss of movement known as “frozen shoulder”. Regular arm movements will reduce stiffness and speed up your recovery.


Hyderabad Shoulder clinic physical therapists, shoulder surgeons, and pain specialists create a personalized recovery plan to help you restore optimal shoulder function and significantly reduce or relieve pain caused by a shoulder fracture. Recovery depends on the severity of the fracture, its location, and the type of surgery you had. Because treatment is individualized, recovery is different for each person. Our doctor will discuss what will lead to your recovery, taking into account your lifestyle, special needs, and personal goals. For more information, Contact Dr Chandra Sekhar. B  at 9959588389 and book your appointment.

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