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Simple Tips For Healthy Shoulder Joints

It is not very often that we acknowledge the importance of shoulders while reaching for items on a top shelf, while holding a hairdryer at a perfect angle, scooping a small child in the air, or while swinging a golf club. Flexible shoulder joints contribute to your overall physical strength and reduce the pressure laid on the bones, ligaments, and joints. Exercise is the key to maintaining or improving the health of your shoulder joints. So what are those exercises? Here are some simple tips to keep your joints in top condition.

Dr Chandra Sekhar. B provided this article gives information about the tips for healthy shoulder joints.

Know Your Shoulder Joint
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The shoulder joint is a well-known ball and socket joint. The humerus (a long bone in the upper arm) resembles the ball and sits comfortably in the socket shaped shoulder blade. However, this connection is flexible but not stable. What makes this joint so powerful and flexible? The answer to this is the four muscles that make up your rotator cuff. The ligaments in the shoulder and rotator cuff muscles provide stability to the shoulder by holding the ball firmly into the socket.

Performing repetitive movements increases the load on the rotator cuff and can cause injury or damage the rotator cuff. Actions that make your shoulders more vulnerable to injury include:

  • Throwing a ball in sports such as baseball, soccer, tennis, volleyball; swimming. 
  • Performing jobs which involve reaching overhead such as masonry, painting.
  • Performing twisting and turning activities when repairing machines etc. 

Simple tips for healthy Shoulder joints:

Keep moving the shoulder regularly:
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Many people with arthritis refuse physical activity or regular exercise because they are afraid that this will increase pain or further damage their joints. The body must move. Our joints allow movement. Indeed, exercise reduces joint stiffness, reduces joint pain, strengthens the muscles that surround the joint, and helps us maintain a healthy weight. The benefits are real, so keep moving!

Protect your joints:
It is essential that everyone, especially people with arthritis, protect their joints. The purpose of the principle of joint protection is to relieve pain and reduce tension in the joints.

Maintain your ideal body weight:
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With the aim of optimal joint health, you must maintain your ideal body weight. Obesity creates tension in our joints, especially joints that hold weights. Studies have shown that weight loss significantly reduces knee pain and stiffness associated with knee osteoarthritis.

Do exercises with little impact on joint:
The desired benefits of physical activity and regular exercise can be achieved with a low-impact exercise – a softer type of exercise that minimizes joint stress during intense exercise. The muscles that support our joints need to be supported as much as possible. You can work to maintain or increase your muscle strength by doing strengthening exercises.

Shoulder strengthening exercises include:
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  • Internal and external rotation exercises
  • Wall push-ups 
  • Arm reaches

Weight training is often used as part of a strengthening regime. Be sure to speed up your training and don’t overdo it. With proper strength training, you increase the stability of your joints and at the same time, reduce pain.

shoulder stretching exercises include:

  • Stretch the back of the shoulder
  • Stretch your arms
  • Wall stretches 

You benefit from these two types of exercises to strengthen and stretch the muscles and tendons of your shoulder joints: Conditioned muscles help reduce shoulder injuries and improve shoulder function.

Try a range of motion Exercise:
Arthritis is usually associated with a limited range of motion. To maintain or increase your current range of motion, you must regularly move each joint. Stretch, bend, or rotate each of your joints.

Eat an anti-inflammatory diet:
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Reducing inflammation is part of maintaining the symptoms of arthritis and improving overall joint health. An anti-inflammatory diet involves avoiding foods that increase inflammation while including more foods that reduce inflammation. Many sources argue that the Mediterranean diet is an excellent choice for keeping inflammation under control.

Prioritize vitamin D and calcium:
Vitamin D and calcium are needed for healthy bones. You can get vitamin D from sun exposure, diet, or supplements.
Many people need supplements. Your doctor may order a blood test to see if you are deficient in vitamin D. Low calcium levels are associated with decreased bone density and increased risk of fractures.

Quit smoking:
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Most people don’t realize that smoking increases the risk of osteoporosis and fractures. Smoking also increases the chance of injury, including bursitis or tendonitis. Smokers also have a higher risk of experiencing back pain and rheumatoid arthritis. Avoid smoking today to improve bone health and joint health.

Some few simple steps you can take to avoid the extra strain on your shoulders:
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  • Pay attention to your posture. Lie on your back or side when you sleep.
  • Keep your head above your shoulders and shoulders back while sitting.
  • Don’t just carry a backpack or bag over one shoulder.
  • Avoid working with your hands over your shoulders for a long time. If possible, use the foot or ladder to reduce tension on your shoulders.
  • Lift the object close to your body. Try not to lift heavy weights with your arms outstretched.
  • Take regular breaks from any activities that you must do repeatedly.

With a little attention to habits and practice, your shoulders will thank you, and you can protect your shoulder from injuries and diseases. People who want to be more active can meet Dr Chandra Sekhar. B at Hyderabad Shoulder Clinic who offers the best care for the shoulder. If you were recently injured or have persistent pain, Hyderabad Shoulder Clinic has the expertise to assess your symptoms and develop plans to help you get back up and running quickly and safely.

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