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Top 5 Reasons Your Shoulder Hurts in Cold Weather

Have you ever noticed that sometimes when it’s cold outside, you suddenly feel all this pain? Temperature significantly affects our bodies. We know extreme weather conditions can cause frostbite, but you don’t have to be in the Arctic tundra to experience the devastating effects.

Experiencing shoulder pain can make simple tasks like bathing, dressing, driving, and carrying groceries seem impossible. Even sleep, which should give you rest after a busy day, can be frustrating as you switch positions and look for ways to feel pleasing even when you feel sick. In some people, cold weather makes shoulder pain worse. Why does it happen? 

Here are the Top 5 Reasons Why Your Shoulder Hurts in Cold Weather, and it’s no surprise that many people experience increased pain.

Five common causes of shoulder pain in cold weather
Top 5 Reasons Your Shoulder Hurts Due to Cold Weather explained by Dr Chandrashekar, Best Dislocated shoulder surgery specialist near me

While many people do not experience physical discomfort in cold weather, it is essential to note that those who experience winter illness do not imagine anything. There are several reasons why a lower temperature can cause shoulder pain.

Hypersensitivity to cold weather: If you have an underlying condition such as rheumatoid arthritis, your joints will feel more sensitive to cold weather. Although there is no conclusive evidence to explain this phenomenon, the reality is that weather changes often cause RA patients to experience exacerbations of pain. Apart from pain, you may feel stiff and swollen. Humidity can also cause painful flare-ups. 

Increased stress due to cold weather: As the temperature drops, people usually bend over and shrug their shoulders to keep warm. If you already have shoulder problems, these muscle contractions will make the pain even worse.

Changes in Barometric pressure due to cold weather: Cold weather causes air pressure changes, leading to an expansion of soft tissues such as muscles and ligaments. This is because the lower air pressure reduces the pressure on your body. As a result, a person can feel joint pain.

Inactive in cold weather: It’s no secret that when the weather is bad outside, you may be tempted to stay chained to the sofa instead of running out. If you are used to exercising regularly, a low temperature is a great reason to skip some workouts. The problem is that inactivity causes muscle rigidity. This can be fine for a day or two, but prolonged inactivity can lead to body aches and pains. Since your shoulders tend to put more pressure on them than any other part of your body, this is where you will most likely feel the pain. 

Old age and cold weather: Ageing is something to celebrate. This means you have extra time to spend with your loved ones and create memories. However, it also means greater stiffness, which can be made worse by cold weather. You can avoid (or at least relieve) pain by doing light exercises such as tai chi or yoga, as well as regular shoulder stretches.

How to reduce shoulder pain in cold weather
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  • Regular exercise promotes adequate blood flow and reduces joint pain. Free weights and resistance bands are easy ways to reduce muscle stiffness. There are also special stretching exercises that help reduce tension in the shoulders.
  • Another effective home remedy for shoulder pain relief is using a hot compress.

However, chronic pain can be a sign of injury. If your pain doesn’t go away (or gets worse) after a few days, it’s essential to see a doctor see if you have something worse, such as muscle rupture, rotator cuff injury, or surgery, to replace the shoulder.


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