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What are the most common injuries during sports events?

If you are enjoying engaging in sports or looking to improve your gaming skills in a league team, wearing the right equipment is not the only thing to consider. You have to be physically fit. Still, you may be prone to many common injuries that can occur to your body while playing sports. And children who play contact sports are even more at risk of sports injuries than adults.

However, you can protect yourself from most sports injuries. In this article, we have listed the top 6 sports injuries and the steps you can take to avoid them.

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Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow/Golfer’s Elbow)

Epicondylitis is classified into two types: medial epicondylitis, often called golfer’s elbow and lateral epicondylitis, often called tennis elbow. Generally, they result from bad swings and cause pain inside the elbow and outside the elbow, respectively.

Experts say that this painful condition can be prevented by strengthening the muscles of your forearm and rotator cuff. Also, if you play golf or tennis, get a lesson on your form because an improper swing could result in an injury.  

Plantar fasciitis/Shin Splints

If you’ve started working out harder recently or have started playing a new sport (particularly running), you might experience shin splints. It is the pain you feel inside your shin bone. Although it hurts, the cause is just a swollen muscle around the shinbone. It’s not hard to avoid. Make sure you wear the correct shoes, stretch & exercise your calf muscles both eccentrically and concentrically. You can avoid shin splints by strengthening your foot muscles with gentle exercises.


A concussion occurs when a person sustains a traumatic brain injury, which is usually caused when the person is hit, bumped, or receives a blow to the head. Furthermore, when a person receives a hard blow to the body, the head moves back and forth vigorously. Typically, it occurs in rugby, football, cricket, hockey, and boxing events. 

Wearing the appropriate gear like a helmet is the easiest way to avoid a concussion. Additionally, strengthening your neck and upper back muscles can help cushion the impact. Strong muscles can control your head’s displacement by taking the force and help in preventing whiplash and keeping your brain from being knocked around.

Hip Labral Tears

The labrum surrounds the socket in the hip joint and is made of soft, elastic tissue. It helps keep the ball in place at the top of your thighbone. Unfortunately, the cartilage is susceptible to tears caused by direct trauma to the hip. It is also prone to injury during yoga, dancing, and exercising because of repeated hip rotations and hyperextension. 

Strengthening your glutes and stretching your hip flexors can help you avoid tears. Wear the right shoes. During yoga and exercises, always know the limits and pay attention to your form.

Back Injuries

Runners, golfers, and tennis players may commonly suffer from back injuries. However, experts say a solid flexibility program and proper strength training can make a huge difference. Many people focus on developing only their abs, but they also need to strengthen the multifidus muscles. 

Groin pull

Sportsmen, as well as recreational athletes, are more likely to sustain a groin strain. It is caused when the adductor muscle near the groin is strained while kicking, so it’s more common in the athlete’s dominant leg. Runners, skaters, and jumpers may also experience this when they turn quickly.

You should seek the advice of an orthopaedic doctor if you sustain any injuries while participating in sports. For example, if you suffer from a sports injury affecting your shoulder, consult Dr Chandra Sekhar, an experienced shoulder surgeon in Hyderabad. Having treated many sports injuries over the past 15 years, his range of knowledge is extensive. Please contact us at +91 99595 88389 or fill out our online appointment form to schedule an appointment. 

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