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What are the restrictions after shoulder replacement surgery?

Shoulder surgery is suggested when patients find it challenging to raise their arms above their heads and suffer intense shoulder pain. Additionally, non-surgical treatments such as medication, resting, and physical therapy are ineffective at relieving pain and improving the range of motion.

However, shoulder replacement surgery is the last resort that can alleviate your shoulder pain and help to restore the lost functions of your shoulder and arm. The surgery involves replacing the damaged parts with medical-grade prosthetics with an orthopaedic shoulder surgeon.

The outcome of the surgery is more dependent on the rehab process, which starts right after the surgery. You need to be very cautious during the recovery process, particularly in the first six weeks following shoulder replacement surgery, as there will be some limitations. A few follow-up appointments will be scheduled with your surgeon to evaluate your recovery. The doctor will suggest some tips and techniques that boost your recovery during these evaluations.

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During your recovery from shoulder surgery, here are some of the regular restrictions you can expect:

After surgery, you shouldn’t drive for at least 12 weeks

Following shoulder surgery, the range of motion is limited. In addition, you won’t have much strength in your arm, so shoulder specialists generally recommend you don’t drive for the first six weeks. In addition, you may need to take some strong pain medication during recovery, which can impair your judgment skills and reaction time.

Don’t lift too much weight with the operated arm.

Generally, you will be advised by your surgeon to lift no more than the weight of a coffee cup during your first few weeks after surgery. When you start your physical therapy, your shoulder will gain strength and become more flexible, and as your therapy progresses, your physical therapist will advise you on the range of weights you can lift.

Do not rely on your shoulders too much or reach too far

In the weeks following surgery, you won’t be allowed to raise your arm frequently or reach too often. You might stress your new joint by doing this. You will gain strength and mobility in your shoulder over time, and you will learn how to do so safely from your medical team and therapists.

Don’t use your operated arm and shoulder to support yourself.

When you bend or lean forward, you may place your arm on a table or countertop for support. Ensure that you use only the other arm to support your body weight. Even when you get out of your bed or sofa, use the other arm (the arm you don’t have surgery on). It could be painful, and you may feel uncomfortable to rest your weight on your new shoulder until it is fully healed.

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