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When Is Shoulder Replacement Surgery a Good Option?

Every time you push, pull, or lift something, it puts pressure on your shoulders. The shoulder joints are one of the most mobile joints in our body, making them prone to injury and instability.

Although shoulder pain and injury are often associated with sports activities that involve repetitive movement, they are also caused by our daily activities, especially in people with osteoarthritis. Pain is the most common symptom of a shoulder problem, and it can be mild to severe, which may develop gradually or suddenly. In addition, you might experience stiffness, grinding, and a swollen shoulder area.

If a person suffers from intense pain and functional impairment for various reasons and non-surgical treatments aren’t working, it may be best to undergo shoulder replacement surgery.

When Should I Consider Shoulder Replacement Surgery?

Here are the three most common reasons to consider a shoulder arthroplasty.

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Shoulder joint arthritis: It mostly affects patients over 50 years of age. It is characterized by pain and stiffness in the shoulder joint as the cartilage that protects the parts gradually wears down over time. You may be advised to take anti-inflammatory medication along with other non-surgical treatment procedures. However, if this isn’t effective in relieving pain or improving range of motion, shoulder surgery might be a better option. Patients are most likely to undergo shoulder replacements because of osteoarthritis.

Fractures: In the case of severe fractures that involve shoulder joint parts such as the arm head (the ball), socket, etc., which are damaged so badly that they cannot be repaired, they must be replaced. Based on the intensity of the damage and the health of the clavicle bone, a surgeon might suggest either partial or total shoulder replacement to restore function.

Severe Rotator Cuff Tear: Rotator cuff muscles are a group of muscles located around the upper arm bone. These muscles provide stability and support to the shoulder joint. A mild rotator cuff tear can be treated with conventional treatment or other surgical methods. But when a patient sustains a severe rotator cuff tear and is left untreated, it may result in arthritis. Eventually, arthritis sets in, resulting in an inability to perform routine activities. Consequently, shoulder replacement surgery might be the only option left. 

If you don’t have any condition mentioned in the above list and still wonder, “When is shoulder replacement surgery a good option for me?“. If so, consult Dr Chandra Sekhar, a renowned shoulder replacement specialist in Hyderabad, to set an appointment. Then, you can get all the answers to your concerns related to shoulder replacement. 

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The surgeon would order some tests like x-rays, a CT scan or an MRI, and other tests to evaluate the health of your shoulder joint. The surgeon concludes whether you need a shoulder joint replacement once the test results are evaluated.

Are there any alternative surgical options for shoulder replacement?

Although shoulder replacement surgery is the most effective treatment option for shoulder arthritis, an arthroscopic procedure can help reduce symptoms and delay the need for replacement surgery. It is most commonly suggested for patients who are younger and with less severity of the condition. Depending on the condition, this treatment may be a viable option for specific patients, and the surgeon will determine whether it is an option for you or not.

However, suppose you consider undergoing partial or total shoulder replacement. In that case, you must find a shoulder surgeon who is vastly experienced and trained in the particular surgery that is being performed. This will enable you to achieve the desired outcome. Surgeons who perform a good number of shoulder replacements in a year, along with good technique and technology, result in optimal clinical outcomes and fewer post-surgical complications. Dr Chandra Sekhar has more than 15 years of experience as a Shoulder Surgeon in Hyderabad. He has helped hundreds of patients with various shoulder surgeries. To consult the doctor, call +91 99595 88389 and book an appointment,

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